Benefits of being an Exhibitor at JIBE include the opportunities to:

  • Showcase your product, service or brand to hundreds of active buyers
  • Launch new products
  • Meet with your key market, including new potential customers
  • Catch up with your existing customer base
  • Learn latest industry techniques in informative sessions
  • Network with other exhibitors and key industry stakeholders
  • Generate on-the-spot sales
  • Meet directly with suppliers of raw materials used in the industry
  • Boost your brand’s presence to industry professionals

As well as talking one-on-one with your targeted audience, JIBE will also allow you to:

  • Bring together your most active prospects and customers
  • Harness all five senses to drive home your messages
  • Drive business to other sales channels – e.g. online and retail
  • Provide the opportunity to meet more interested buyers than any other sales activity
  • Build solid business relationships and generate leads
  • Emotionally connect with customers
  • Participate in on-stage promotion and demonstrations
  • Participation in Expo Events
  • Benefit from extensive media coverage (TV, Radio, Print, Web and Outdoor Signage) of the Expo